5 types of shipping containers

What are the different types of shipping containers?

There are many different types of shipping containers. Alconet Containers has a great range of containers which we sell all over the world. Here we list our 5 types of shipping containers and what they are used for.

1. Shipping container

The most common type of container is the shipping container, also called dry van container or dry box. This type of container is used for transport by road and overseas and forms ideal storage space as well. The 20FT and 40FT shipping containers are the most common dimensions. A High Cube container is slightly higher than a standard shipping container. Dry box, dry van container and cargo container are synonyms for shipping container.

2. Reefer container

Reefer container is short for refrigerated container: a shipping container with a generator which cools the cargo. Possible cargo in a reefer container includes vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, fish, flowers and pharmaceuticals. Read more on what is a reefer container and how does a reefer container work.

3. Tank container

Tank containers are used for transporting liquids or chemicals. The IMO certification of the tank container tells which type of liquids can be transported in the container.

4. Open top container

Open top containers can be loaded from the top. This is especially helpful when dealing with goods or mortar with a crane or fork lift truck. An open top container has no fixed roof, it can be covered by a tarpaulin instead.

5. Flat rack container

Flat rack containers are used for transporting goods with unique dimensions. This is possible because a flat rack container has no sides. Read more on what is a flat rack container.

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