Container repair

Are you looking for a reliable party for your shipping container repair? Alconet has the experience and capacities you are looking for. In many cases, damaged containers can be used again after repair. At Alconet Containers we are capable of repairing containers rather quickly after which they will be approved for use.

Shipping container repair

As shipping containers travel around the world, have to deal with frequent loading and unloading and cargo of all kinds, shipping containers can wear out or get damaged. Common container damages are rips and doors that do not close well. Damaged containers may lose their CSC-certification. A container you cannot use does not give you any profit. Therefore, we understand that it is important that shipping containers are repaired in a timely manner.

Knowledgable and experienced mechanics

Our experienced reefer container mechanics are trained and always up to date on the latest reefer and genset types, so these can be repaired effectively. We can also perform and install software updates, to keep machines up to date.

Also our mechanics for tank containers regularly receive follow up training, additionally they are tested and certified in the latest welding techniques. On a regular basis there are inspectors on our site to check the repair and treatment of containers and accessories, so that they can receive the appropriate certificates after completion of the repairs. On our property repaired or recovered containers can also be tested extensively before they are put into use again.

More information about container repairs, carried out on our depots in the port of Rotterdam? Contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities.

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