Reefer containers

A reefer container, also known as a refrigerated container, is an isolated container which is equipped with a cooling unit. This unit is electrically powered and makes refrigerated transport over longer periods of time possible. If you are looking for reefer containers for sale, Alconet Containers is here to help you out.

Refrigerated container

Reefer containers are commonly used for transporting fruit, vegetables or other foods. The cooling installation is in many cases equipped with a thermometer, so that the right temperature can be set, depending on the type of goods which are transported. Reefer containers are also used for refrigerated storage by supermarkets, restaurants and event agencies.

Reefer containers for sale

Alconet Containers buys and sells reefers worldwide. Through connections with leading brands such as Carrier and Thermo King and large transport agencies, we are able to make great deals and offer reefers quickly and for a good price. Whether you are interested in purchasing a reefer for personal or business reasons, and wether you want to buy 1 or 100 reefers, we look forward to helping you out.

At Alconet we provide standard and custom refrigeration solutions. We offer new as well as used reefers and it is possible to modify reefer containers, for example to fit extra doors, locking abilities, lighting and ventilation grids. We can also make a flexible partition wall in the reefer, which makes it possible to cool on one side of the partition and freeze on the other side. We also supply repair-sets and offer a maintenance package for a reefer container which is in your possession.

Reefer sizes

We sell reefer containers in different sizes. All types of reefer containers for sale are displayed on our website. Our offer consists of mostly 20ft reefer containers and 40ft reefer containers, but we can also provide you with 10ft reefer containers. Besides that it is up to you whether you want to buy a new or used reefer container, or even rent one!

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