Container modifications

It may be very well possible that our current container offer does not exactly match your needs. Therefore Alconet Containers has specialized itself in modifying containers, always based on the unique needs of the customer.

Custom shipping containers

Through container modification we can create containers that exactly match the application you have in mind. Our team makes custom shipping containers for all sorts of purposes, from safety cage to pop-up restaurant. Our specialists modify containers based on your personal wishes.

Common container modifications

A couple examples of the most common container modifications:

  • Shipping containers with side openings
  • Shipping containers with side doors
  • Shipping containers with windows or shutters
  • Shipping containers with a door on the short side
  • Shipping containers with power, lighting or heating
  • Insulated shipping containers
  • Shipping containers with custom colours and signing

A side opening in your shipping container is a very welcome modification when using it as as storage unit. A side opening makes is easier to enter the container with large goods. An insulated shipping container is among one of the most required modifications. At Alconet we can transform your container into an insulated shipping container which will benefit the goods you are about to store in it. Naturally, an insulated shipping container is also desired for shipping container homes. These are pretty common container modifications. We can also adjust the visual looks of the container to your brand style, for example by painting it in your specific corporate colours or by adding a (company) logo to the exterior.

Interested in shipping container modifications?

Shipping containers modifications always come down to custom work. Based on your requirements our team of technicians will get to work in creating a container with your required properties. All employees have the right qualification and certification required to modify the containers, in such a way that they meet all the wishes of our customer. Are you looking for a shipping container with specific purposes, or a container that is tailor-made? Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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