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Everywhere around us we see shipping containers. Not just because we are totally into containers, but also because a container has many, very useful applications. We see containers on shipping vessels, trains and trucks, on container depots, on construction grounds and at company sites. Containers are not only used for international transport. A shipping container is perfect for storage as well.

Storage container

Many construction companies and agricultural companies make use of containers for increasing their storage capacity. Moreover, containers can be used for refrigerated storage as well. Event agencies buy, rent or lease reefer containers for keeping foods and beverages cool. If you need extra storage capacity, a shipping container is what you are looking for. Alconet has a wide offer of new, used and disapproved containers. A disapproved container has a BER-status (Beyond Economical Repair), but can be used as storage container for years! The big advantage is that such containers are financially attractive.

Buy a storage container. A shipping container is perfect for additional storage capacity for your business.

Dimensions of the containers

At this page you find the specifications of containers in detail (height, weight, length). In short, our offer includes 20ft and 40ft containers. A 20ft container is most often used for storage and the 40ft offers double the storage capacity, but is also most often used for transport of goods.

The 20ft container has a length of 6 meters and a height of about 2,5 meters. The 40ft container measures 12 meters long and also has a height of 2,5 meters. Besides that, we offer the 40ft High Cube (HC) container which is approximately 0,3 meters higher than the regular container. If you use a shipping container for storage, it is of course important to know the capacity. The volume (m³) is indicated as CU.CAP. The 20ft container has a volume of 33,2 m³ and the 40ft container has twice as much storage capacity: 66,7 m³.

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Want to use storage containers for transport later on?

In case you want to use your storage containers for transport in the future, we recommend tot invest in a CSC-certified container right away. This means that a new or used container is more attractive than a disapproved container, because a disapproved container lacks the proper certification. The new and used containers are always certified and ready for transportation purposes.

In short: a container is the perfect solution for additional storage. The advantage is the availability on the short notice, the possibility of worldwide delivery and modification. Your goods will be stored dry and safe. Are you interested in the costs of a storage container? Request a quote online. We will provide you a price indication within 2 working days!

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