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The Alconet group, located in the port of Rotterdam, provides various services in the field of containers. Through the two depots, with a total capacity of 90,000 m2, Alconet offers you excellent opportunities for storage and maintenance of all types of containers.

Alconet B.V. is active worldwide with the purchase and sale of various types of containers and container related products. Our product range consists of different kinds of containers, including shipping containers, reefer containers and tank containers. In addition, we offer the following services: storage, renovation, repair, modification and transportation of new and used containers.

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Recent news

23 April 2019

Modification reefer container: adding an extra door

Container modifications for reefers are requested on a regular basis. From common modifications such as applying electricity and/or lighting, to implementing more specialized modifications, reefer containers are often adapted to the wishes and needs of specific users. A modification that we regularly carry out is the addition of an extra door, mostly on the side […]

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Recent news

14 March 2019

This is what Brexit means for the Port of Rotterdam and transport sector

ROTTERDAM BECOMES SAFE HAVEN The Dutch paper Financieel Dagblad reports that the Port of Rotterdam gets an economic boost because of the Brexit. Also Sprout writes that dozens of organisaties already moved to Rotterdam or are in contact with Rotterdam Partners to do so. It concerns organisations with former headquarters in the United Kingdom as […]

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Recent news

4 February 2019

Modified reefers ready for inspection!

The customer was looking for used 20ft High Cube reefer containers. This is a type of secondhand reefer containers with extra height, which are difficult to obtain. The standard 20ft reefer container is worldwide being used most often for┬árefrigerated┬átransport. Reefer modification: shortening Since 20ft reefer containers are hard to obtain and barely get produced in […]

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