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Shipping containers are used for transport or storage of all kinds of goods. During transportation a shipping container can get damaged. Often times this happens during loading and unloading of a shipping vessel. Moreover, exposure to wind, rain, salty water and air will accelerate the rusting process. Sometimes the shipping container gets disapproved.

Every shipping container used for transportation has a CSC-certificate. This license, short for Container Safety Convention, indicates that the shipping container is safe for transport. To show that the container is certified, a metal sign is placed on the outside of the container. In order to obtain the CSC-certificate, the shipping container must at least meet the following terms:

  • The container shows no holes, tears or other damages in the flooring, walls or roof
  • The entry ways of the container close well (doors, shutters etcetera)
  • The shipping container is watertight

When a shipping container cannot meet the terms as stated above, the CSC-certification expires and the shipping container is disapproved. On our depot we can repair disapproved containers and provide a new CSC-certification as to make use of these containers again.

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Some shipping containers have obtained a BER status, which means Beyond Economical Repair. These containers are damaged to the extent that it is not economically interesting to repair or renovate them anymore. These containers can, however, serve as storage capacity on site. This is often a smart solution for organisations that are (suddenly) in need of (temporary) storage capacity. It is therefore possible to buy disapproved shipping containers and to have them delivered at your desired location. Are you looking for a disapproved shipping container, a used shipping container or any other type of container? Then request a quote below and we will provide you a tailored price indication within 2 working days!

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Also shipping containers which are CSC-certified can still be interesting, in particular when the container would be used for transport of goods. On our website you will find a large array of shipping containers, which are all certified and can directly be used for international transport. We can offer new and used shipping containers. Do you have specific wishes, such as an extra door? Alconet can help you out with container modification as well.

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