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The weight of a shipping container is essential information. Not only when buying, but also for loading it appropriately. It is important to know how heavy the empty container is and how much is weighs when it’s loaded for safe usage of cranes. How heavy a container is always depends upon the type of container and its dimensions. Therefore, always check the weight of the containers before loading them!

What is the weight of a regular shipping container?

To give an overview of weights per shipping container we have listed the most common weights for you. The container weights are divided into shipping containers, reefer containers and flat rack containers. Among the specifications are the maximum cargo: the maximum weight of the goods that are loaded into the container. The total maximum weight of the container is the weight of the container including the cargo. The tare weight is the weight of an empty container.

Weights of various container sizes

In general there are three types of common shipping containers, the 20ft, 40ft and 40ft high cube container. 10ft shipping containers also exist but are rarely used for transport. In the table below, you can find the weight of the mentioned containers in kilograms.

20ft40ft40ft hc
Maximum cargo28.300 kg26.860 kg26.660 kg
Maximum weight30.480 kg30.480 kg30.480 kg
Tare2.180 kg3.620 kg3.820 kg

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Weight of reefer container

Reefer containers are, in general, available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft dimensions. The following table displays the weights of these three types of reefer containers. 40ft high cube reefer containers also exist, but are less common. High cube reefers have deviant weight.

Maximum cargo27.440 kg27.541 kg30.420 kg
Maximum weight30.480 kg30.480 kg35.000 kg
Tare3.040 kg2.940 kg4.580 kg

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Weight of flat rack container

Flat rack containers are available in two versions: fixed-end and collapsible. Fixed-end flat rack containers have fixed walls which means that they can be stacked. Collapsible flat racks have collapsible walls, which is why they can be stacked more easily while demanding less space. Below you find the specifications regarding the weight of flat rack containers.

40ft fixed-end40ft collapsible
Maximum cargo26.280 kg39.140 kg
Maximum weight30.480 kg45.000 kg
Tare4.200 kg5.860 kg

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