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Are you looking for shipping containers in Belgium for transport or storage of goods? Alconet Containers, located in Rotterdam (110 km from Antwerp), sells containers all over the world. If you are interested in new or secondhand containers in Belgium we can help you out. We exclusively deliver containers to business customers.

Containers for transport and storage

In 2017, Belgium imported goods for a total worth of $406 million. The country exported for a total worth of $429 million. Needless to say, without the shipping container this immense amount of trade would not be possible. Thousands of containers pass Belgium’s terminals in Antwerp and Ghent. Also the capital Brussels is of great importance in international trade. The shipping container is versatile: it form the ideal solution for transport and storage.

Types of containers

Do you want to buy shipping containers in Belgium? Then you can choose from 20ft, 40ft en 40ft High Cube containers. The 20ft shipping container is about 6 meters long and is mainly used for storage. The 40ft container is about 12 meters long. The High Cube container is just as long as the regular shipping container, but is 30cm higher. Therefore, the High Cube container transport more products.

We also classify secondhand containers into A and B quality. Both our new and used containers are CSC-certified which means they can be used right away. Our disapproved containers are no longer certified but can be nonetheless be used for storage.

Are you looking for containers other than shipping containers, such as reefer containers? Alconet sells refrigerated containers in Belgium as well. Another possibility is renting reefers for cooling foods and drinks on festivals. See our offer reefer containers or request a quote online.

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Are you interested in buying containers? Alconet delivers containers throughout Belgium, we are here to help you find the best solution for your wishes. If needed we can fully modify containers. You are free to request a quote online. You indicate what type of container you are interested in and we will provide you with a custom price indication within 2 working days. For questions please get in touch.

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