Reefer containers for sale

If you are looking to buy reefer containers for your business or organisation, we look forward to helping you out. Through connections with leading brands such as Carrier and Thermo King and large transport agencies, we are able to make great deals and offer reefer containers for sale relatively quickly and for a good price. Read on to learn more about our offer.

New and used reefer containers for sale

Reefer container is short for refrigerated container (read more about the operating system of reefers). At Alconet we provide standard and custom refrigeration solutions. We sell new and used reefer containers. Besides that, it is possible to modify reefer containers, for example to fit extra doors, locking abilities, lighting and ventilation grids. We can also make a flexible partition wall in the reefer, which makes it possible to cool on one side of the partition and freeze on the other side. Our technicians are specialized in creating custom reefer containers.

20FT and 40FT reefers

We sell reefer containers in different sizes. Our whole range of reefer containers is displayed on our website. Our offer consists of mostly 20ft reefer containers and 40ft reefer containers, but we can also provide you with 10ft reefer containers. Also, the 40ft High Cube container is slightly higher and offers more refrigeration capacity. It is up to you whether you want to buy a new or used one, or even rent a reefer container for temporary cooling capacity.

Buy reefer containers: Request a quote

Alconet is your B2B partner for high quality reefer containers and a decent service. In case you are interested in buying one or multiple reefer containers, you can easily request your quote online. Please specify your wishes as detailed as possible, including any modification and delivery wishes. We will send you a personal price indication within 3 working days.

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