Modification reefer container: adding an extra door


Container modifications for reefers are requested on a regular basis. From common modifications such as applying electricity and/or lighting, to implementing more specialized modifications, reefer containers are often adapted to the wishes and needs of specific users. A modification that we regularly carry out is the addition of an extra door, mostly on the side of an existing container. This way, a person can easily enter (and exit) the container, without downgrading the insulating and cooling capabilities of the container.

The modification shown below is a new one however, the adding of a door within an existing a door is fairly unique! These kind of modifications can be very useful for specific companies, for example butchers and beach clubs. They often need extra refrigerated storage space, both structural and seasonally. There are many beach clubs and beach clubs that place a reefer container at their location during the season, which is store somewhere else outside of the season.

Are you looking for extra refrigerated storage capabilities, or would you like to order a modified reefer container? See our current reefer containers in stock. Are you interested in container modification? Contact us for a personal quotation!

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