Insulated shipping container

Insulated containers are one of the most common container modifications we perform. Are you looking for insulated shipping containers? Then we look forward to helping you. Within our regular stock, you can find 20FT, 40FT en 10FT shipping containers. Alconet buys and sells both new and used containers worldwide. It is possible to modify containers according to your specifications before or after transportation, like insulated shipping containers.

Storage container

When using a container as storage container it is recommended to insulate the container. Especially when you are about to store sensitive products for a longer period of time. Are you looking for an insulated storage container, then it is possible to purchase a secondhand shipping container and let it get insulated right away.

Transport container

A well insulated shipping container can, naturally, also be used for transporting goods. Especially beverages are transported in insulated containers, being an alternative to the reefer container.

Insulated shipping container(s)

Our technicians have the skills and the experience you are looking for to insulate shipping containers. They are schooled regularly and can perform practically all modifications you wish for. Do you want to learn more about insulating shipping containers? Please get in touch with us. Besides that, it is possible to directly request a quote online. In that case specify the type of container you are interested in and what your wishes for insulation are. Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

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