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Do you want to buy a shipping container, or multiple shipping containers? A shipping container, or dry van container, is mostly used for transportation purposes. Nowadays however, used shipping containers are commonly used for storage purposes. These type of containers are suited for transporting goods through road, railway or over water.

Container types and dimensions

When you buy a shipping container through one of our depots, you can choose from our current offer on our website. These are usually available in the sizes 10ft (foot), 20ft and 40ft. In our overview of shipping containers, you can find many different containers in a number of different sizes. You can find every dimensions and specification with each individual container. Buying a shipping container at Alconet means the purchase of container with a CSC-certification. This means that all containers are certified and safe for transportation.

In our overview, you can find containers in A- or B-category. When a container has A-category qualification, this means the container is new (or practically new). For example, a restored or renovated container is also qualified as A-category. Containers in the B-category are used and have visual signs of usage, but are more favorable in price. All containers are made of steel but have different features, like the material of the floor or the height (for example a high-cube container). Above all, containers can be fully modified to exactly fit your needs.

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Buying shipping containers

Are you looking to purchase shipping containers and you want it to be delivered to a specific location? No problem! Through our vast network of international transportation companies we can let your container (or multiple containers) be delivered to any location in the world.

Before you decide upon buying a shipping container you are probably interested in the costs. Therefore, we make it possible to request a quote online. Choose the container type, the amount of containers you want to buy and specify any special requests for modification and delivery. We will send you a personal price indication within 3 working days!

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