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Cargo containers fulfill a vital role in worldwide trade, since they enable large amounts of goods to be transported overseas. Alconet sells cargo containers to business customers all over the world. All containers are shipped directly from our depot in one of the largest ports of the world: Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Types of cargo containers

Our range includes new and used cargo containers in various dimensions. Firstly, we would like to stipulate that our new and used containers are both CSC-certified which means that they comply with the safety regulations and are ready to use for transportation purposes.

Secondly, we offer cargo containers in the sizes 20FT, 40FT and 40FT High Cube. These container sizes are most common for transportation and for usage as storage container. The 20FT is approximately 6 m long and the 40FT container is about 12 m long. The High Cube container is slightly higher than the regular container and therefore has a bit more capacity. Please take into account that every container has its own dimensions. We always inform you about the container’s sizes on the container page.

If you are looking for other sizes or non-standard containers, our team is specialized in performing any modifications you have in mind. By container modification we can create the cargo container which exactly fits your needs. Common modifications are container insulation, electricity, dividing walls and making the container comply with the corporate identity.

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