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Shipping containers allow for efficient international trade and form creative storage, working and living solutions as well. Are you looking to purchase shipping containers in France? We deliver containers from our depot in Rotterdam and exclusively sell containers to business customers in France.

What containers are you looking for?

Our offer exists of different types of containers:

The most popular containers are 20ft, 40ft and 40ft High Cube shipping containers and reefers. Which size is most suitable for you depends upon your desired application. When used for trade, the 40ft container is the preferred choice. If you are looking for a storage container, then the 20ft container is a great option as well. We listed all shipping container dimensions here. Choose among new or used containers. Both new and used are fully CSC certified and are therefore licensed for transport.

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Custom solutions

If our standard containers do not match the application you have in mind, we are more than willing to modify your containers. We can make windows, shelves and doors, but also create a custom container size and install electricity. Common modifications also include altering it into the company’s branding. Our mechanics are well trained and experienced to fully customize your containers.

Buy shipping containers in France

Due to our network we can say to deliver shipping containers throughout France. Whether you are located in Paris, Marseille or Nice, Alconet can deliver the containers in France. If you are interested in knowing the price of our containers, please request a quote online. Let us know the container type and size and possibly your wishes for container modification and delivery to your location in France. We will send you a personal price indication within 3 working days.

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