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Are you interested in buying one or several tank containers? Alconet offers secondhand tank containers for sale to business customers all over the world. The tank containers are not new anymore, yet still in good shape and always CSC-certified. Read more about our offer. We look forward to helping you out.

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Tank containers are exclusively used for storage and transport of liquids or chemicals. Tank containers are equipped with a steel frame and the tanks in the frame are made of stainless steel. All tank containers haven an IMO certification which indicates what liquids can be stored or transported within the container.

Alconet buys and sells all types of shipping containers worldwide. Our range includes secondhand tank containers as well. A tank container is used for transporting liquids, fuels and chemicals. We offer 20FT tank containers with different IMO certificates. All tank containers are cleaned and have a CSC-certificate.

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Alconet has secondhand tank containers for sale

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Do you want to get to know more about our tank containers? Or are asking yourself what a secondhand tank container would cost? Contact us or request your quote online. We will provide you a personal price indication within 3 working days. By contacting us; please call us, using the numberĀ 0031 (0) 181 25 44 00, send an e-mail to or complete the contact form below.

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