Reefer containers in Hong Kong

Every year thousands of shipping vessels come by Hong-Kong. The Victoria Harbour is the reason for Hong-Kong’s existence in the first place. Throughout the years, this harbour has grown to be an important trading area. International shipping vessels come and go to load and unload a wide array of goods, from gold to meat and vegetables. Alconet Containers offers various shipping containers and reefers to business customers in Hong Kong.

Refrigerated transport Hong Kong

Despite the fact that Hong Kong’s main business evolves around gold and broadcasting equipment, also great amounts of fresh foods are imported and exported.

Fresh products need to be transported in reefer containers. A reefer container, short for refrigerated container, can be set at a constant, low temperature in order to keep foodstuffs fresh. Reefer containers are also widely used for (temporarily) increasing the cooling capacity of supermarkets during summer or during big events. Alconet offers reefer containers worldwide and common clients are trading companies, carriers, event agencies and many more.

Types of reefer containers

Reefer containers are available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. The 10ft size is suitable for chilled storage capacity. The 20ft and 40ft reefer containers are appropriate for international transport of fruits, vegetables and meats, but also medicines. Alconet offers new as well as used reefer containers and all containers are PTI checked and CSC certified. Alconet can also provide the gensets that are needed to power the reefer containers.

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