Preowned reefers for sale

Choosing for preowned reefers over new reefers is the most economical choice. At Alconet Containers we deliver preowned reefers directly from our depot in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and we do so on an international scale. All our reefers are CSC certified and PTI checked. What cooling solution can we help you with?

Preowned reefers

Reefer containers or reefers are made for for temperature controlled storage and international transport. A refrigerated container is perfect for storing or transporting food products and medicines. Transport agencies, event agencies and the food service industry greatly benefit from reefer containers. Needless to say, buying a reefer container is quite an investment. A preowned reefer is the most economical choice. All reefers are fully CSC-certified and PTI checked.

20FT and 40FT

Our range of reefer includes 20FT and 40FT reefers. These sizes are considered as standard reefer sizes. In addition, we offer 40FT High Cube reefers. These are slightly higher and therefore offer more capacity. Both 20FT and 40FT reefers are available as new and preowned.

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Are you interested in buying 20FT or 40FT preowned reefer containers? Alconet delivers to business customers all over the world. We make it possible to request your quote online. Please specify the type and amount of containers you are looking for and where they have to be delivered to. We will come back to you within 2 business days.

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