20 ft container dimensions

Shipping containers are available in many shapes and sizes. Because of the overwhelming supply of different types of containers, we regularly receive basic questions like: ‘what are 20 ft container dimensions?’. To tackle this problem, we provide you with the basis dimensions of the most commonly used 20 ft shipping containers. Think of dry van, reefer and flat rack containers.

20 ft dry van container dimensions

A 20 ft dry van container is used for storage or the (international) shipping of dry goods. The dimensions below are the most commonly used, with exceptions of modified or renovated containers that had to meet specific demands. Do you need the dimensions in feet and inches? You can take the dimensions below and calculate them online!

Length5.898 mm6.058 mm
Width2.350 mm2.438 mm
Heigth2.390 mm2.591 mm


20FT Zeecontainer Dry Van 01

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20 ft reefer container dimensions

Reefer container are used for cooled storage or transportation, as they are equipped with refrigeration machinery. Especially 20 ft reefer containers are used as permanent or temporary storage facility for stores or events.

Length5.456 mm6.058 mm
Width2.294 mm2.438 mm
Heigth2.275 mm2.591 mm


40FT Reefer container High Cube Nieuw

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20 ft flat rack container dimensions

Flat rack containers, or flat racks, are used when goods or cargo doesn’t fit in a regular sized container. Since a flat rack container has no side walls, cargo with unusual or big dimensions can be easily stored or transported. Collapsible flat racks are also flexible in size, as the sides can be collapsed so the containers can be stacked.

Length6.058 mm
Width2.438 mm
Heigth2.591 mm


40FT Flatrack Collapsible 01

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Hopefully you have gained some new information from the 20 ft container dimensions that are described above. Do you have questions or remarks about the containers dimensions? Feel free to contact us by sending a contact form, or call us directly at 0031 (0) 181 25 44 00!

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