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Are you in need of extra storage or transport capacity? Rent a shipping container for additional capacity on short notice. Alconet Containers has shipping containers for rent and serves B2B customers throughout Europe. Are you interested in renting a shipping container for a couple of days or multiple months? In both cases we are happy to help you out.

Shipping containers for rent

It is possible to rent shipping containers from our entire range. Our range of shipping containers contains new and used containers in the sizes 20FT and 40FT. All these containers are CSC-certified and therefore can be used for storage as well as transport. A 20FT container is about 6m long and offers you a cubic capacity of approximately 33,2 CU.M. A 40FT container has a length of 12m and has a cubic capacity of 66,7. Take into account that the exact dimensions and capacities vary per container.

Besides shipping containers we can also help you with reefer rental (refrigerated containers). Have a look at our range of reefers.

Custom container rental

Especially when you are looking for additional capacity for a longer period of time, it is natural that you want to rent shipping containers which comply with the applications you have in mind. Comfort and ease of use are essential. If standard shipping containers do not exactly fit your needs, we can modify containers so that they do fit your needs. Our technicians are experienced in performing container modifications from adding doors and shutters to insulation and electricity.

Costs of renting a shipping container

Before renting a container, we understand that you are interested in knowing what it would cost you. Therefore we make it possible for you to request a quote online. Choose your desired container, the number of containers and select rental. Let us know for what period you would like to rent the container. Please also indicate whether transport to your location is needed. We will send you a tailored price indication within two working days. For direct contact please contact 0031 (0) 181 25 44 00.

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