Removal and replacement of T-floor 40ft reefer container


We completed a modification to a 40ft reefer container for an international client. In this case, the client was an end user that required more storage facilities on location as an expansion of it’s current storage. This means there will be employees walking in and out of the reefer on a regular basis. The problem of a regular reefer container is that it has a T-floor, or T-style floor, which is built for transportation purposes and air circulation. Next to the fact that the floor is not built to regularly walk on, this type of floor is less easily cleaned than a regular or flat floor. We decided to advise the removal of the T-style floor and the placement of a flat aluminium floor.

The choice of an aluminium floor is primarily based on the resistance of corrosion and the durability of the floor. Additionally, we chose for aluminium plates which have profile, so the persons walking in the container have enough traction and won’t slip easily. The removal of a T-floor is a specialistic job which has to be executed with great precision to avoid damaging the insulation of the container. After the removal, the aluminium plates were made to fit the 40ft container seamlessly. The result is a reefer container that can be used as an extra storage facility and that can be cleaned quick and easy!


Replacing and removing T-floor reefer container front view - Alconet Containers Replacing and removing T-floor reefer container inside view - Alconet Containers

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