Shipping containers UK

Shipping containers are indispensable for shipping goods from A to B. In addition to that, containers also form ideal storage, living and working solutions. If you are looking to buy shipping containers in the UK, Alconet Containers can help you out. We deliver standard and custom shipping containers to your destination in the UK. We are happy to provide all business customers in the UK with exactly those containers they are looking for.

What are the possibilities?

The most common shipping containers are 20ft and 40ft and 40ft High Cube. The right size for you depends upon your container usage. When using containers for shipping, we highly recommend 40ft containers. The capacity of a 40ft container is 67,3 m3 and lends itself for efficient transport. A 40ft High Cube container offers slightly more height. When using it for storage in your back yard, a 12 m long container may be a bit much. In that case a 20 ft container (6 m long) is a good alternative. Have a look at shipping container sizes here.

Choose from our new and used shipping containers. We offer a solution for every wish, especially since we can make custom shipping containers.

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Container modification

What if your ideal shipping container falls outside the range of a ‘standard’ shipping container? No problem. At all. Our mechanics are well trained and can modify containers according to your needs. Common container modifications include insulation, electrical outlets, vents, windows, lighting, shelving and doors.

Shipping containers UK

Many of our containers can be found in UK ports such as Grimsby and Immingham and London. Due to our network we can say to deliver shipping containers throughout the UK. We make it possible to request a quote online. Just indicate the type of container you are interested in and specify any specific needs such as modification and delivery. We will provide you with a price indication within 2 working days! If it cannot wait, you are welcome to contact us by phone.

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