Shipping containers for sale in Valencia

Alconet has a great number of shipping containers for sale in Valencia, specifically in the region of the port of Valencia. As one of the busiest ports in Europe, a lot of shipping containers pass through every day. Here at Alconet, we buy both new and used container with the goal to offer these to our customers at very competitive prices.

Different types of shipping containers

Shipping containers are bought from larger shipping companies, after they are used for (inter)national transportation purposes. We also buy brand new containers directly from a number of different manufacturers. This means we can offer our clients a wide variety of both new and used shipping containers, which are available for sale, rent and lease.

Our range of containers always stay the same, where we can guarantee our customers a high level of quality and delivery time. Our offer is mostly comprised of:

When containers enter our depot they are extensively inspected by our team from estimation & repair. If necessary, used containers are repaired or modified, depending on the needs of our customers. From the depot, containers are offered to our customers around the world.

Customized and modified containers

In addition to supplying standard containers to our customers, we also have an experienced team of container mechanics who modify all types of containers on a daily basis. Depending of your specific needs, we can modify every container to match your expectation. For example, we regularly fit doors, windows, electronics or lighting to existing containers. You can find some of these customization projects within our news overview.

Shipping containers for sale in Valencia

Are you looking to buy shipping containers Valencia, or in the surroundings of the Port of Valencia? Ask for a quotation and you will receive a personal quotation within two working days. Do you want a direct price inquiry? Call us on 0031 (0) 181 25 44 00 and we can discuss our offer immediately.

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