This is what Brexit means for the Port of Rotterdam and transport sector



The Dutch paper Financieel Dagblad reports that the Port of Rotterdam gets an economic boost because of the Brexit. Also Sprout writes that dozens of organisaties already moved to Rotterdam or are in contact with Rotterdam Partners to do so. It concerns organisations with former headquarters in the United Kingdom as well as organisations that were at first planning to locate their business in the UK but declined to do so because of the Brexit. Rotterdam becomes a safe haven at the European mainland.

Alconet finds itself at the center of the Port of Rotterdam and this economic boost will not pass unnoticed. It is expected that the demand for container storage will rise, just like the demand for containers for shipping and storage of goods. Besides the consequences for Alconet, the Brexit entails profound consequences for our partners. From conveyor to end customer.


The transport of goods between the European mainland and the United Kingdom takes place through the ro-ro principle: roll on, roll off. The truck drives onto the shipping vessel and drives off once the ship reached mainland. Through the Brexit, cargo is more often and more thoroughly checked on type of cargo, export and custom documents. These controls lead to extra waiting times with road traffics. Rather worrisome for the transport of fresh products and the just-in-time delivery concept.


In 2017, The Netherlands exported a total worth of €2 billion of fruits and vegetables to the United Kingdom. Through delays at the border it is expected that more and more transport will takes place through refrigerated containers instead of regular shipping containers.

All in all, Brexit will lead to a rise in transport costs. This means that your organisation has to take into account longer waiting hours and re-evaluate budgets and price statements. When the exit of the European Union will take place is yet unknown. We also cannot predict the actual effects of the Brexit. What we can do, however, is offering all desired containers and container services to enable you to transport goods in an efficient way.

Sources: Sprout.nlFinancieele

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